Repair & Maintenance


Our Manpower resources

  • Experience engineers to carry out inspection, design and upgrading, propose and make recommendation, resolve and provide solution to customers.
  • Skilled boilermakers to execute the boilers/economizers repairs and erection in accordance to classification procedures and requirements. Experienced riding squads team available to carry out urgent repairs on voyages.
  • Welding of pressure parts/vessel by our certified welders & carry out NDT to ensure the quality of the weld seams.

Inspection team for the following assessment::

  • Plant integrity condition assessment
  • Remnant life assessment
  • HT superheater & MS pipe inspection analysis
  • Life extension studies
  • Conversion feasibility studies
  • HT oil ash corrosion solutions
  • Tube failure analysis
  • Efficiency & operation studies
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Burner Services

  • Service and repair of burners and boiler control systems.
  • Complete overhaul of burners and control systems.
  • Conversion or upgrading of older burners and control systems for more efficient operation.
  • Replacement parts for various burner systems, e.g. pressure atomising burners, rotary cup burners, steam atomising burners etc.
    • Safety checks and reprogramming of control systems.
    • Installation & commissioning of boiler,burners & control equipment.
    • WBS recommend adjustment of fuel/air ratio every 12/18 month
  • We are able to supply OEM Burners spare parts for Aalborg Boilers, Oilon, Weishaput, etc.

Retubing Work

Retubing Work

Boiler feed water pump

Feed water control panel

MDO skid installation

MDO skid installation

MDO skid installation

Gas venting fabricate & install

Boiler burner conversion installation

Atomizing skid / Purge skid

Gas valves box / Extraction air skid

Port/Starboard Burner Hood

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